17 June 2016


Ours is a dynamic company, with young people, which leads us to broaden the objectives. Our intention is to make known our values around the world.

We operate from 1980 in manufacturing of furniture and we specialize in making home furnishings, artistic events and fairs, machining contractors for the production of semi-finished products for the furniture, and custom and customized project development “contract furnishings”.

Furniture manufacturing is done through the use of different materials: solid wood, particleboard and MDF veneered blockboard and with wood or other materials, laminates, melamine, etc…, and making use of technical drawings that are tailored to the specific characteristics of the clients.

In the field of contract we made, in recent years, in collaboration with other companies, the furnishings of the following hotel:

  • The Treasury Hotel – Perth, Australia – 2015 – 6 stars;
  • Hotel National Park – 2014/2015 – Italy – 3 – Calabria, Silla stars;
  • Guest House Residence – Crimea, Russia – 2014;
  • Albergo del Sole – Rome, Italy – 2014 – 2 stars;
  • Grand Hotel Cesenatico, Italy-Leonardo da Vinci-2013 – 5 stars;
  • Hotel Carnival – Venice, Italy – 2012 – 4 stars;
  • Grand Hotel Rimini – Rimini, Italy – 2011 – 5 stars;
  • Grand Hotel Italy – Cluj Napoca, Romania – 2011 – 5 stars;
  • Residence Poggio dell’Agnello – Tuscany, Italy – 2010/2011 – 4 stars;

As for artistic events, we worked at the Pavilion of the Russian artist Andrei Monastyrski, with curator Boris Groys, the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011.

Our headquarter is located in the industrial area of Megliadino San Vitale-PD, not far from the main roads and highways.

We operate on an area of 10000 m2 and our lab employs more than 4500 m2, allowing us to house the equipment and machinery required to process any request from the target market.

Production machinery:

  • beamsaw: angular plant Selco (Biesse group);
  • team Gulls;
  • edgebander Biesse mod. Stream (the machine can perform beading with adjustment for blockboard, solid wood, wood veneer can with beading, laminate, abs, Melamine);
  • boring panels with boring and inseritrice di spine Biesse mod. Tecnologic (electronics);
  • dot dot Alberti mod. CNC format. 90;
  • CNC SCM Rotomat 2;
  • contact Sanders (the largest has 2 reels and 1 buffer width. Max 1300);
  • multilama SCM;
  • scorniciatrice SCM 8 heads;
  • more traditional machines manuals.

In recent years the issue of environmental protection and resources became urgent and primary so all of our products are made with cultivated woods (and never, under any circumstances, from deforestation) and with panels made from recycled wood.

Also why, we use for the production of our products a photovoltaic system of latest generation, with estimated production of clean electricity by about 200 kWh, which not only protect the environment but also allows us to reduce electricity costs and production costs.

Photovoltaic technology allows us to produce electricity without emitting pollutants, saving fossil fuels, to help combat the greenhouse effect and the reduction of the ozone layer, to prevent pollution and reduce the visual and environmental impact of energy production systems.

Product quality, client satisfaction and the precision with which you meet the commitments are our cornerstones. We reached a technical knowledge that allows us to create diverse projects and always we act with professionalism and dedication.

We invite you to visit our company to grasp and appreciate our skills.