22 March 2017


If you’ve come this far means that we find interesting … and we like to be appreciated for what we are.

Do you want to discover our voice? Call us at 0429 888895. It might look like a siren’s song. have you ever heard one?

If you are shy or you’re too busy and you prefer to write us an email, our address is info@esseemmesnc.it (how much fantasy:D).

For those who, like us, prefer direct contact, we can find in Megliadino San Vitale 35040 in Via dell’artigianato n. 12 in the province of Padua.
We are at work from 08:00 at 12:30 from Monday to Saturday and from 13:45 at 19:30 from Monday to Friday (maybe move your residence here:D).

For lazy people put the map, so it won’t even copy the address in the browser itself.