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Fortitudine et virtute

Sincere features of our truth
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Action or production capacity with minimal waste, expense, resources and time spent. Maximum result, minimum effort. Do you remember laziness?

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Change the way without forgetting the goal. Move without resting. Evolve remembering the starting point. Révolution!

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Beauty is truth, truth is beauty. Tradition and technical technology merge to enhance the natural beauty of wood.

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Light. Warehouse. Sound.
Available Products. Prompt delivery.
Customized projects in the agrees times.


Our goal is your satisfaction
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We are specialized in the realization of home furniture, art and fair events, third-party workmanship for the production of semi-finished furniture, and in the development of customized projects of "contract furnishings". Ours is a dynamic reality with young people that leads us to broaden our goals. The production of furniture is made by the use of materials of various types: solid wood, chipboard, MDF veneered with wood or other material, laminated, melamine, etc., and using custom technical drawings based on the specific characteristics of customers.

  • Classic, in style, in poor art furnitures belonging to our collections or those of our customers

  • We realize semi-finished furniture on request of our customers, with different machining according to their needs

  • We develop custom design projects for hotels and residential complexes, shops and villas

  • We collaborate with several artists for the furnishing of artistic and fair events

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